At Shure Aquatics our client's satisfaction is our primary goal.

We want to share some feedback we receive from our customers to share the results of our commitment to our customers.

Anyone in need of swimming pool maintenance or repair need not look further than Shure Aquatics!

Jeff Shure and his staff have been maintaining our pool for the past 11 years. There has not been an issue that Shure Aquatics as not been able to resolve even though one issue was quite challenging. They did not give up and finally got to the issue and resolved the problem. We feel as though they are "on call" 24/7. Regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day our calls are answered, phone troubleshooting will be provided and if the issue is not able to be resolved by the trouble shooting a staff member will show up within 24 hours. They are all just the best.

We highly recommend using Shure Aquatics for all of your pool maintenance. Shure Pool Service does what they say they are going to do and within the time frame they say they will do it. What a novel idea in today's "customer no service" world! Shure Pool Service is completely committed to the highest quality customer service. Isn't that want any of us expect when we hire a service? No disappointments with Shure Aquatics, just complete knowledge of pools and everything related to pools and great customer service.

- Sherry M.